Taking people and businesses as centers in Digital transformation

Friday - 13/05/2022 09:48 812
(BP Portal) -The Ministry of Industry and Trade has just issued a Decision to issue the Digital Transformation Program for the period of 2022-2025 to promote the application of information technology and develop e-Government at the units under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, based on administrative reform, taking people and businesses as the center.
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The specific objectives of the 2022-2025 digital Transformation program are to upgrade, operate their document management and operating systems on a network environment that ensures the connectivity, interconnection of electronic text exchanges through all levels of the ministry's administration, and the connecting of a national text interconnect backbone. The ratio of exchange documents and dossiers of ministry re-granting work to be handled on the network environment is 100% for non-secure content;  Exploitation of full use of issued electronic mail boxes, specialized software in service of professional and professional work; Using the Internet effectively to exploit information in service of professional activities; Building the platform service to Sign On to each information system by the SSO-Single Sign On mechanism...

The program also aims to complete a public service port, a minion-level electronic information system, ensure 100% of administrative procedures on a public service port, a connected ministry e-one information system, share data with a national public service port, a national database on population, a national database on business registration, and other relevant national databases.

In addition, industry trade also aims for 100% of the popular level 3,4 online public services involving many citizens and enterprises integrated on national Public service gates; 100% of transactions on the national public service gate, public service gate and information system of the ministry are electronically authenticated; 100% of public online services in the import and export field shall be integrated into one stop shops; To complete the link between the system of information reception, answering the proposals of the people and enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the system of the Government, ensure the reception of 100% of information reflected by the people and transfer it to the concerned units to settle. Release 100% of feedback to ensure that citizens and businesses have access to accurate and timely information...

To enhance the Digital Transformation skills and interaction with people and enterprises

In order to perform the above tasks, Ministry of Industry and Trade also Outlines a roadmap for each specific task, including improving the legal environment, developing technical infrastructure, developing platform systems, developing data, developing service applications, ensuring information safety and human resource development. Associated with each task are specific solutions including improving awareness, digital skills, and interaction with the people and enterprises; Application of digital skills training platforms to the people;To develop a combined model of state agencies and enterprises; International cooperation...

In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has assigned each specific task to the ministries' attached units to effectively deploy the 2022-2025 phase Digital transformation program. In the energy sector, the Ministry is required to work out a plan to convert the concentration priority for the electric sector towards maximizing and automating networks for efficient power supply; Connecting digital meters to improve the speed and accuracy of invoices, identifying faster network malfunction, helping users to conserve energy, and identifying power losses.

For the industrial sector, the institutional requirement is the establishment of a digital transformation plan in industrial production, with emphasis being placed on developing key pillars, strategy development, smart organizational structures, smart factories, intelligent operations for creating smart products.

During 2016-2020, the Ministry of Industry and Trade experienced a very positive upturn in the 2010-2015 period and achieved certain results in information technology application in the activities of its department's units. According to ministry of Information and Communication's assessments, the information technology application of the central agencies has, over the years, moved up from the bottom of the table to the top. Specifically, in 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Trade in position 17/19, in 2018 rose to 2/19 and 2/17 in 2019./.
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