Binh Phuoc sci-tech sector actively adapts and innovates

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(BP Portal) - The scie-tech sector of Binh Phuoc province has made important contributions to ensuring national defense, security, healthcare, education, transportation, agriculture, industry, etc., by creating many innovative technologies that contribute to improving the quality of life in recent years. Science-tech is considered one of the strategic breakthroughs in the province's current digital transformation in the context of the strong industrial revolution 4.0. This is also the orientation in line with the theme "Science, technology, and innovation—Accelerating the process of socio-economic recovery and development." This is the theme of Vietnam Science and Technology Day (May 18) in 2022.

Successfully cultured cordyceps mushrooms at The Provincial Science and Technology Center

Promoting research and application of sci-tech

From the re-establishment of the province up to now, Binh Phuoc's sci-tech sector has paid special attention to scientific research. Science and technology programs, topics, and projects are increasingly associated with actual production and life requirements. To date, there have been 321 topics and projects at all levels, of which 263 have been accepted and applied for production and life, and most of them have been effective. From 1997 to now, the provincial funding for scientific research and technology development totals nearly 117 billion VND.

New varieties of jackfruit with high yield and quality are planted at Phuoc Thien Service and Trade Cooperative, Bu Dop district

In particular, in 2021, the Department of Science and Technology cooperates with institutes, colleges, departments, branches, and units both inside and outside of the province to implement 21 transitional provincial science and technology projects, of which five have been accepted. Special topics focus on the application of science and technology advances, trademark development and protection, and technical standards and regulations to form specialized, productive, and high-quality production areas according to VietGap, GlobalGap, and organic and biological standards... Simultaneously, in collaboration with scientists, institutes, and schools to discuss and find ways to remove agricultural industry difficulties and obstacles, such as diseases that cause peppers to die quickly or slowly, or evaluate prospective cashew trees, as well as build model cashew plantations adapting to climate change to increase productivity, focus on technical measures to bring cashew yield to 2.5 tons/ha or more, research and breed new plant.

Leaders of the Institute of Applied Materials Science, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology visited and found solutions to prevent the rapid and slow death of pepper in Loc Ninh district

The application of new technologies in high-tech agricultural farming is also encouraged to apply to households and businesses. Based on digital transformation, the Binh Phuoc province is planning and attracting investment for 8,000 hectares of high-tech parks. The value of high-tech agricultural production has increased by 40 to 50 times compared with traditional agricultural production models since the introduction of high technology. Binh Phuoc is continuing to implement the project of developing hi-tech agriculture in the period of 2020–2025 with a vision of 2030 that focuses on promoting intensive high-tech applications and applying international standards associated with domestic and export markets.

"Consistently implementing the policy that science and technology are the top national policies and the most important driving forces for the development of modern productive forces, innovation of growth models, and improvement of productivity, quality, efficiency, and competitiveness of the economy."

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong

The Binh Phuoc Department of Science and Technology has acted as the focal point to receive and forward 874 protection applications from individuals and collectives in Binh Phuoc to the National Office of Intellectual Property, the Ministry of Science, and Technology since 1997. There are 426 diplomas and certificates granted by the National Office of Intellectual Property, which are collective marks with 400 diplomas and certificates. The rest are granted as utility and industrial design patents. This is a tool to help businesses increase product value, expand markets, increase accessibility, compete in the global market, and ensure sustainable development.

Raising high-quality beef cattle at the Bu Dop Cattle Breeding Cooperative is promoting good results

Innovation and action

Many businesses in the province have invested in technological innovation and production capacity enhancement to adapt to the market and develop sustainably. They identify the policy of technological innovation as one of the key tasks in which science and technology create knowledge, while innovation aims to turn knowledge into products, goods, and services applied in daily life. This is also considered the "key" to increasing labor productivity, saving costs, and reducing resource loss and environmental pollution. The Department of Science and Technology has also supported the establishment of 6 sci-tech enterprises and implemented 5 projects under the Rural and Mountainous Program supported and invested in by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Inspector of Provincial Department of Science and Technology checks nuclear radiation safety at Minh Hung Industrial Park-Korea (Chon Thanh district)

The application and transfer of scientific and technical achievements to production have contributed to increasing the productivity of the province's main crops, helping to change farming practices, increase economic efficiency, improve income, and improve productivity, which in turn improves the livelihood of farmers. Whereas in the early years of re-establishing the province, the provincial agricultural production value did not reach 1,000 billion VND, it has reached nearly 30 thousand billion VND in recent years, an increase of 30 times compared to 25 years ago.

Activities on promoting the creative labor movement, promoting initiatives, and improving techniques have also been focused on by the provincial science and technology sector and achieved many encouraging results. The Department of Science and Technology has also coordinated with the province's Union of Science and Technology Associations to organize 14 creative contests for youth and children and 6 provincial technical innovation contests. As a result, there are 861 products, models, and solutions that won provincial prizes, 51 products, models, and solutions that won national awards, and 3 silver awards at the international young creative exhibition...

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a great impact on socio-economics. The process of economic recovery is creating great challenges but also opportunities to restructure the economy with breakthroughs. Binh Phuoc province, which has a lot of potential for industrial and hi-tech agricultural development, can make breakthroughs in socio-economic recovery and development with an innovative, smart plan that integrates human resources, natural conditions, science, and technology, as well as the achievements of the digital industrial revolution. To meet those requirements, the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Tran Tuyet Minh, said that the science and technology sector should build a strategy to develop science and technology in Binh Phuoc province with both long-term and medium-term goals. In the sector's strategy, it is important to adhere to the province's strategic vision until 2030 as well as the vision until 2050./.

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