Strong measures needed to fight against commercial fraud

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(CTTĐTBP) - In Binh Phuoc province, the issue of counterfeit goods, piracy, intellectual property rights infringements, and food safety violations persist with increasingly sophisticated methods, making it difficult to detect. This situation has caused anger among consumers and has harmed the market. To address this problem, provincial authorities have increased their efforts to inspect and take action against violations. This endeavour aims to stabilize the market, foster a favourable business environment, and minimize consumer harm.

Effective area control

According to information from the Provincial Market Control Department, in the first six months of 2023, production and business activities, service provision, and commodity prices in the province have been controlled and are generally stable. They are ensuring the people's production and consumption needs without speculation, hoarding, or abnormal price increases in the market. However, the Provincial Market Control Department recognizes that despite the positive aspects of the commodity market, the rise of the internet and the surge in e-commerce bring forth various challenges that need to be tackled. In particular, there are still violations of the law on trading counterfeit products, goods of unclear origin, banned goods, infringing intellectual property rights, and low-quality products. Although these violations are only small-scale, the tricks are increasingly sophisticated. Specifically, in the first six months of 2023, the Market Control Department in Binh Phuoc province conducted inspections in 694 cases (a 4% increase compared to the same period), handled 532 cases (a 55% increase compared to the same period), and contributed over 3 billion VND to the budget (a 210% increase compared to the same period).

The market management force in Binh Phuoc province has intensified its inspection activities to promptly detect, prevent, and handle violations in the field of commerce

Experts predict a significant surge in consumer demand for buying goods in the next six months. This increase is expected to result in more smuggling and the sale of counterfeit and low-quality products. In particular, activities related to the transportation and sale of smuggled goods, counterfeit products, violations of intellectual property rights, counterfeit products of unclear origin, and other violations will arise through postal services, express delivery, and logistics. Criminals may use e-commerce platforms and mobile applications for advertising and transactions to avoid inspections and detection by functional forces.

Nguyen Thanh Hai, Deputy Head of the Provincial Market Control Department in Binh Phuoc, said: "In the last months of 2023, the situation regarding trade fraud, counterfeit goods, and disease outbreaks is expected to remain complex and tend to increase. To contribute to ensuring a stable market and protecting the legal rights and interests of organizations, individuals involved in production and business, and the rights of consumers, the Provincial Market Control Department will focus on intensifying propaganda and conducting inspections and control to combat law violations. We will also focus on good area management, timely information gathering, and early detection of tricks, methods, subjects, and new key commodities to conduct synchronized inspection and handling of violations. This effort is especially crucial during peak holiday seasons to help stabilize the market. The Market Control Department will proactively collaborate with other agencies and forces such as the police, healthcare, and media to propagate, inspect and control the market and protect the interests of consumers with the highest efficiency”.

Nguyen Thanh Hai, Deputy Head of the Provincial Market Control Department in Binh Phuoc

The reality shows that nowadays, most reputable and preferred brands by consumers are at risk of being counterfeited or imitated. From an economic perspective, counterfeit and low-quality goods significantly impact the profits of genuine businesses engaged in production and commerce. Therefore, effective market management is not only about protecting consumers but also contributes to safeguarding the business community and the economy.

"Protecting consumer rights not only brings consumer benefits but also contributes to creating a healthy business environment and drives economic development. Alongside the involvement of functional agencies, consumers need to raise awareness and take responsibility for protecting their rights. Be a smart consumer when choosing goods and services, and bravely report fraudulent activities to the functional agencies when detected."


Deputy Head of the Provincial Market Management Department

Consumers should be brave in reporting

Currently, there are still many people who do not care and fight for their legitimate rights. In many cases, when they suspect or detect acts of commercial fraud or violations of business laws, they tend to "turn a blind eye" due to the fear of confrontation or the perception of wasting time. This common practice not only results in the loss of consumer rights but also contributes to "aiding" counterfeit goods, poor quality products, and fraudulent commercial practices in the market. Criminals often take advantage of times when there is a high demand for goods, such as Tet (Lunar New Year) and Mid-Autumn Festival. They also exploit natural disasters, epidemics, and local shortages of goods to engage in speculation, impose unreasonable price increases, and profit.

Consumers should thoroughly check product information and prices before making a purchase to protect their rights and health

One of the critical solutions is to strengthen the propaganda and dissemination of laws in commercial activities to raise awareness and prevent legal violations by organizations and individuals engaged in production and business in the area. It is also necessary to mobilize commitments and active participation in the fight against smuggling, commercial fraud, and counterfeit goods from various units. Hoang Thi Thanh Van from Tan Dong Ward, Dong Xoai City, shared: “What I care most about when shopping is the quality of the products. To check the quality of goods, I can trace their origin, check the expiration date, and review the information on the product. However, nowadays, distinguishing between genuine and fake products is difficult because the tricks are sophisticated, especially with consumer goods”.

To protect the rights and health of legitimate businesses and establishments, consumers need to raise the spirit of vigilance, increase denunciation, and promptly inform functional sectors when detecting any unusual signs or suspecting poor-quality products. Nguyen Tu Hai, a grocery store owner at Dong Xoai market, said: "I have been running this grocery business here for nearly 30 years. Our reputation and respect for customers by supplying quality products have kept our family tied to this business. We hope that customers will be brave in reporting to the authorities when they encounter poor-quality products so that they can be dealt with promptly."

The Provincial Market Control Department advises consumers to quickly check the manufacturer's information on product packaging, especially information about business activities on websites and public search sites such as the National Business Registration Portal when purchasing and using products in the market. Consumers can use technology to trace the origin of goods. When detecting unusual signs, people should proactively report them./.

According to: Radio - Television and Newspaper Binh Phuoc

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