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(BP Portal) - On June 23, the provincial People's Committees issued the official dispatch 1503/UBND-KGVX requesting the provincial departments, departments, branches and organizations; The People's Committees of districts, towns and cities carried out and directed the units attached to them to hang the Banner in propaganda on July 1 of the Agency's Health Insurance Day, June 28 through July 12, with the theme "Health insurance - For Health and Happiness of all families".
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Depending on the concrete conditions, the provincial departments, departments, branches and organizations; The People's Committees of the districts, towns and cities shall direct the concerned units to deploy suitable activities to actively respond to Vietnam Medical Insurance Day as a propaganda work on the Law on health insurance; To encourage and mobilize the people to participate in health insurance and to advance the universal health insurance; Promoting and raising the awareness and responsibility of health insurance practitioners and health - care workers.

The Health Service shall direct its attached units and curative care and treatment establishments to respond to Vietnam Medical Insurance day for the purpose of raising awareness among Vietnamese health insurance officials mental, public officials and officials regarding their mental, attitude and responsibilities in service of sick people as a whole and patients having health insurance cards in particular with practical activities: hanging of Banner and slogan at medical and treatment establishments To organize communication activities in accordance with the current practice, to ensure the regulations on Covid-19 epidemic prevention; He runs a practical, professional patriotic race.

The provincial social insurance to enhance the work and coordinate with provincial departments, departments, branches and mass organizations in promoting the propagation and development of health insurance participants, especially household health insurance; To organize activities in conformity with the theme of Vietnam Medical Insurance Day; Providing information to the concerned agencies and units for organizing activities to respond to Vietnam health Insurance Day./.
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