The criteria for new rural communes in Binh Phuoc province shall range from 2021-2025

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The criteria for new rural communes in Binh Phuoc province shall range from 2021-2025
(BP Portal) - On July 28, the Provincial People's Committee issued Decision 1360/QD-UBND to issue a set of criteria for new rural communes in Binh Phuoc province between 2021-2025, with 19 criteria.

In particular, the planning group has one criterion (1-planning); The socio-economic Infrastructure Group has 8 criteria (2-traffic; 3 -Irrigation; 4- power; 5-school; 6- cultural facilities; 7- rural commercial infrastructure; 8-Information and communication; 9- residential houses; The economic group and production organization have four criteria (10-income; 11- Multidimensional poverty ; 12- Employed Laborers; 13-Organizations on rural economic production and development); The Socio-cultural group has four criteria (14-education and Training); 15-health care; 16-Cultures; 17-environment and food safety; The political system group has two criteria (18-political systems and legal access; 19- Defense and Security.

In which the transport criteria include: the percentage of commune road which is paved or concrete, ensuring cars and/or availability throughout the year is 100%; The percentage of village, village and Hamlet roads and highways which are at least solidified and ensure convenient travel cars throughout the year to reach from 80% or more for communes with special difficulties; the ratio of roads, clean neighborhoods and ensuring convenient travel throughout the year reaches 50% or more for communes with special difficulties; The percentage of the main axis of the domestic line that ensures a convenient goods transport year round reaches 70% or more for communes with special difficulties.

In terms of income criteria, the per capita income in 2022 for communes with exceptional difficulties is VND 39 million or more/person, with the remaining communes being VND 59 million or more/person.

The criteria for health consist of 4 categories: participation of people with health insurance (for both men and women), national criteria for health care in communes, low prevalence of children under 5 with body malnourishment (height according to age), proportion of the population with an electronic health certificate.

The criteria for environment and food safety which contain the following contents: the proportion of households eligible for standard use of clean water; - The percentage of production and business establishments, aquaculture and craft villages ensuring the regulations on environmental protection; A beautiful and clean and secure landscape and space; There shall be no backlogs of waste water for living in densely populated areas; Public use of greenery land at the rural population site...

The provincial-level People's Committees shall request the departments, committees and branches to base themselves on the State management function and the guiding offices of the ministries and branches at the provincial level to coordinate with the office for the coordination of the national Target programs for rural construction in the provinces: within 10 days (starting from 28 July 2022), issue a guiding document on the implementation of criteria and targets under the National Criteria for new rural communes in the period 2021-2025 by  departments, departments and branches management.

The office to coordinate the National Target Programs for new rural construction in the province sum up the guidelines of the concerned provincial departments, departments and branches and issue a manual guiding the implementation of the new set of rural communes' criteria in the Binh Phuoc province in the period 2021-2025. In the process of implementing the criteria and quotas defined under the above-mentioned criteria, if any arising problems arise, the office for coordinating the national target program for rural construction in the province shall assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the concerned provincial provincial People's Committees in studying, reviewing and completing them, and the provincial People's Committees in a timely manner to consider, adjust and supplement such criteria as these activities.

The People's Committees of the districts, towns and cities shall be based on the ministry of the criteria of new rural communes in the Binh Phuoc provinces  in 2021-2025, directing the Commune People's Committees to review, evaluate the situation and organize the implementation in accordance with the regulations. For communes which have reached the standards from 2021 onwards, the Commune People's Committee expeditiously works out a plan to increase the criteria and criteria prescribed by this Set. With regard to communes that strive to achieve the standard in the period 2022-2025, the Commune People's Committee expeditiously works out a plan to ensure that there are a minimum of 14 criteria before the end of the year./.
Translator: Ms.Thao

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