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(BP Portal) - Bu Dop is a remote district with a large area, small population, low education level, lack of equipment and an internet connection, and difficulty accessing electronic devices are the initial barriers when the district embarks on digital transformation. However, with determination from internal resources, the Bu Dop district has gradually overcome difficulties, accelerated the implementation of the goals and plans to promote digital transformation in most fields, and changed the awareness of people and businesses to adapt to digitalization.

Overcoming obstacles, actively adapting

Living in Thanh Tam hamlet, Thanh Binh town, near the District Public Administration Service Center, when registering a birth certificate for her child, Tran Thi Luot does not need to bring the documents to the place but at home. "Since knowing public service, I do not have to bring documents to submit, but do it at home via smartphone. At first, I was also hesitant, but after being guided and doing a few procedures. I have confidently carried out the administration procedures of public service now. After that, I used the public postal service to get the results at home. Thus, I do not have to wait in line to submit and receive results, saving time. "- Luot eagerly said.

The Bu Dop district has implemented the roadmap for digital transformation and administrative modernization throughout the construction and development process

When the school announced her child's tuition fee, Dinh Thi Thu Thuy, from Thanh Binh town, made a transfer in an instant which helped teachers need not to collect tuition fees in cash, and parents also did not have to go to school and wait. Shopping for essential items at stores, supermarkets, etc., Thuy also scans QR codes and pays online... These are all utilities that Bu Dop district authorities are providing to people.

Notably, in building a digital society, it is identified as a remote district with a high percentage of ethnic minorities, so in addition to investing in information technology infrastructure and a synchronous internet network in every commune, district leaders have found many solutions suitable to the local situation to propagate and guide people to understand the benefits of applying information technology to improve the quality of life.

One of the favorable conditions for Bu Dop district to accelerate digital transformation is the number of households using tablets or smartphones reaching more than 98%; the number of fiber optic broadband internet connections reached 67%; the percentage of communes and townships that have universalized 4G mobile network services fulfills the target of 100%, bringing the number of people who know digital skills to 74%. "People now do not have to hold a stack of documents to state agencies to wait for administrative procedures to be resolved as before. Thanks to the wifi network coverage, the sending and receiving of documents are also faster." - Nguyen Van Minh, Tan Dong hamlet, Tan Thanh commune, Bu Dop district, said about this significant change.

Construction government - border highlights features 

Clearly defining the main tasks of the college, the roadmap, the priority areas, and the resources to ensure the annual and the whole period, Bu Dop has proactively upgraded the transmission line, document, and file management system with One-Win software. Along with that is the investment in meeting rooms with specialized hardware systems, deploying official email for agencies, organizations, and individuals, electronic mail, digital signatures, and paperless meeting software. This advancement has helped cadres and civil servants to limit travel in solving work, promoting the process of building digital government.

Investing in Smart Collaboration Whiteboard and wide TV screens in classrooms has contributed to upgrading the quality of teaching and learning at Thien Hung A Primary School, Thien Hung Commune, the Bu Dop District

The District Public Administration Service Center is the Center for departments, departments, agencies, and units in the Bu Dop district to receive and coordinate in handling administrative procedures. However, people are no longer sitting in line waiting for applications like before. Bui Quang Luyen, Deputy Chief of the Office of the District People's Committee, Deputy Director of the Public Administration Service Center of Bu Dop District, said: Each cadre, civil servant, and public employee must seriously comply with the rules and working regulations, not to let the people waiting when handling administrative procedures. The Center also implemented many solutions to improve the quality of applications for people and businesses, such as: Organizing counters to help look up information and submit documents online. Deploy the switchboard to automatically notify the results of administrative procedures through text messages so that organizations and individuals can come and receive them promptly. This method is also a channel of communication and information exchange during the processing of records. Along with that is the synchronous implementation of non-cash payment methods for fees, charges, and financial obligations.

The district is also promoting the exploitation of utilities from the national database on population and citizen identification for socio-economic development and administrative procedures. To drastically deploy 100% of medical facilities, medical examination, and treatment in the area to provide medical treatment with citizen identification cards integrated chips with health insurance or via the VNeID application; 100% of accommodation businesses in the district make declarations via VNeID application. In the education field, non-cash fees have been applied to all schools in the area, in addition to investing in Smartboards.

Promote the digital economy

Bu Dop district administrators have chosen cooperatives as typical digital transformation units to lead the way by exploiting the advantages of agriculture, eco-tourism, the processing industry, etc. Bu Dop district administrators have chosen cooperatives as typical digital transformation units to lead way, pulling other fields to develop together.

Along with the production, the application of digital platforms in product consumption is utilized by the Cordyceps PN Binh Phuoc Cooperative

Typically, the trade-service cooperative Phuoc Thien, in Phuoc Thien commune, has an area of about 800 hectares of planting and linking with high-tech red flesh jackfruit. Director of Phuoc Thien Trading and Service Cooperative, Nguyen Viet Vi, shared: "Recently, the cooperative is gradually shifting to planting and taking care of according to a closed process chain from cultivation, harvesting, post-harvest processing, planning such as: developing the planting area code; investing in a factory to process dried jackfruit, especially a cold storage system to preserve fruit. After packing, jackfruit products are labeled and scanned with QR codes for traceability. Now, jackfruit products are sold domestically and exported to foreign markets thanks to trade promotion and e-commerce channels.

The district's agricultural products are promoting digitization of production and business processes, product traceability for OCOP products meeting VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards to focus on developing e-commerce. Nguyen Thi Tien, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors and Director of the Cordyceps sinensis Cooperative in PN Binh Phuoc, Thanh Binh town, said: Although we are new to operation, we have been given favorable conditions in terms of mechanisms and policies to develop product branding. The cooperative is also developing more different cordyceps mushroom product lines from medium to high grade and is ready to transfer technology to farmers who need it.

The digital transformation is not easy, and the Vice Chairman of the District People's Committee, Nguyen Minh Phong, affirmed: "It is difficult to find a way. And the way of Bu Dop district is combining and deploying many solutions suitable to the local situation by taking advantage of the province's investment resources to combine the district's budget and socialization resources to focus on investment items on digital conversion. It must get mentioned that the installation of free wifi at some points in Thanh Binh town, population data transmission system, building the website of People's Committees of communes and townships..." - Phong emphasized.

In the process of digital transformation, Bu Dop encourages the development of various types of digital economies. Enterprises and cooperatives have all used electronic contracts, invoices, non-cash payments, and digital banking services. The district has set a goal that by 2025, the digital economy will occupy 20% of the GRDP, and the share of the digital economy of each sector accounts for 7-10% of the district's total GRDP.

The roadmap for digital transformation, along with administrative modernization, has been carried out by the Bu Dop district throughout the process of construction and development. Although the initial implementation faced many difficulties with the efforts of each person, each department, department, and cadre at all levels, positive results have got achieved. People agree, support, and join hands to repel difficulties and create motivation for the government of Bu Dop district to successfully implement the socio-economic and political targets assigned by the province.

According to: Radio - Television and Newspaper Binh Phuoc

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